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Bevaart, F. (2013). Ethnic differences in pathways in care for young children with problem behaviour: road work in progress.

Publicaties 1e auteur

Van Duin, L. & Bevaart, F., Paalman, C.H., Luijks, M.J.A., Zijlmans, J., Marhe, R., Blokland, A.J., Doreleijers, T.A.H., Popma, A. Child Protection Service interference in childhood and the relation with mental health problems and delinquency in young adulthood: a latent class analysis study. Child Adolesc Psych Mental Health, 2017; 11, 66.

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Publicaties 2e auteur

Van Duin, L., Bevaart, F., Zijlmans, J., Luijks M.A., Doreleijers T.A.H., Wierdsma, A., Oldehinkel, A.J., Marhe, R. & Popma, A. The role of adverse childhood experiences and mental health care use in psychological dysfunction of male multi-problem young adults. European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2019; 28(8): 1065–1078.

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Publicaties laatste auteur

Zijlmans, J., Van Duin, L., Jorink, J., Marhe, R., Luijks, M.A., Crone, M., Popma, A. & Bevaart, F. Disentangling multi-problem behaviour in male young adults: a cluster analysis. Psychopathology and Development, 2020; 33(1), 149-159.

Publicaties overig 

Van Duin, L., De Vries Robbé, M., Marhe, R., Bevaart, F., Zijlmans, J., Luijks, M. J. A., … & Popma, A. Criminal history and adverse childhood experiences in relation to recidivism and social functioning in multi-problem young adults. Criminal justice and behavior2021; 48(5), 637-654.

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